ENGIE supports MIUR program alternating School - Work

Rosignano, 31st March 2017

ENGIE opens the doors of factories and combined cycle power plants (CCGT) in Rosignano – in Solvay production site – to students of the “E. Mattei Upper Secondary School”, for a program that will involve both the ITIS (State Industrial Technical Institute) and the school’s Scientific Lyceum, for a total of 70 students.

The training project will last until May providing:

  • 2 sessions of the basic course on the simulator, called “cold start-up of a CCGT plant”;
  • 1 “thermodynamics” session;
  • 1 session of “intro to thermodynamics and presentation of the CCGT.



ENGIE makes its training facility available to the national school system. It has long been distinguished, thanks to the presence of an advanced simulator, in early technical training and periodic updating of all operational and maintenance staff of the Group’s four thermal power plants in Italy (Turin, Voghera and Rosignano, with the two Rosen and Roselectra plants).

Gelu Rapotan, ENGIE Generation Europe, Business line which is in charge of thermal plants in Europe, declared:

“With our “on the job” training program we want to offer young people an opportunity to interact with companies and gain valuable and useful experience to quickly enter the workforce, drawing on two realities, the school and the company.
We have structured meetings according to a “custom” path, building on environment that facilitates learning by young people. We also welcome the idea of awarding a kind of “blue label” to those companies that, like us, are distinguishing themselves for quality, reliability and commitment to expand the stage further for companies involved in these valuable projects”.

For ITIS and the “E. Mattei” Scientific Lyceum collaboration with ENGIE allows their students to look at their future both work – wise and in higher education.

It is no coincidence that the first initiatives organized together with the company have already been satisfactory and above all have shown to be highly appreciated by students. Even the work of these teachers who follow these paths of improving education is used to best advantage in this: not a generic alternating of school – work, but to offer our student opportunities for new knowledge, so they can incorporate their educational path.

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