ENGIE acquires the district heating network of Settimo Torinese

Settimo Torinese, 7 september 2017

Since the 1st of August, ENGIE manages the district heating network in Settimo Torinese that is 47 km long and guarantees the supply of 77GWh of thermal energy per year to public and private utilities in the territory.

ENGIE is planning a strong development of this network, in order to supply new areas and users, with the objective to reach more than 100 GWh per year.

"ENGIE is committed to implementing the current energy revolution every day” - said Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia - “Acting as an area architect and supporting local institutions and communities in efficient energy management. In the smart city perspective, district heating is an important component, as it guarantees, in addition to quality service, plant safety ?? and environmental impact reduction”.

“We are very pleased that the district heating network has been acquiredcommented Fabrizio Puppo, mayor of Settimo Torinese – by a strong and well known international player like ENGIE. A big group is able to bring new investments and development perspectives, that guarantees to Settimo’s citizens and those using the network a high quality and professional service”.


This operation reinforced ENGIE’s presence in Piedmont, with 125 km of district heating network, in 6 cities (Biella, Saluzzo, Fossano, Racconigi, Turin and Settimo Torinese) as well as in neighbouring Valle d’Aosta region. In this area, the network realized by ENGIE for the city of Aosta, supplies 287 GWh of thermal energy and serve 26,000 households. In this region, ENGIE also operates the thermoelectric power plant in Leinì, near Turino, which produces energy supply to public institutions and private customers. This natural gas-fired power plant will supply the Settimo district heating network. Managing the energy production and supply through infrastructures allows more flexibility to ENGIE for the benefit of the client.

ENGIE’s professionalism and international experience guarantee stability, continuity and reliability in the service, with advantage to its customers.