ENGIE 100% green energy for all the households

November 8th 2017

ENGIE Italia is making another big leap towards energy transition: starting this year, all the electricity provided to households, families and condominiums will be "100% green". This means energy is produced entirely from renewable sources and certified by the mechanism of “Guarantees of Origin”.

This solution,  a commitment for the coming years, with no extra cost for the customer, shows ENGIE's investment towards a carbon-free world to fight climate change.

“100% Green” energy is complemented by other green initiatives already available to household customers, ranging from intelligent energy monitoring services, to energy saving devices, to home-based photovoltaic solutions. We want to encourage the energy production from renewable sources, as well as awareness of the origin and use of energy”,  “to encourage as well virtuous behavioural patterns in families. The final consumers are the real main actors of energy transition, by using green electricity at home”, Olivier Jacquier - CEO of ENGIE Italia - said.

ENGIE has a worldwide installed capacity of renewable energy of 21.5 GW. In Italy, ENGIE owns and operates 6 wind farms, 5 solar photovoltaic and 3 biomass plants, for a total of 175.8 MW.

ENGIE hopes to increase this capacity further through acquisitions and development of new projects.


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