Energy: an idea to change

When less is better: 300 students carried out projects aimed at lower and better energy consumption.

Milan, May 30th 2019

The 5th edition of the project "ENERGY, AN IDEA TO CHANGE, WHEN LESS IS BETTER" has ended,

Together with the Municipality of Segrate we involved 300 students of the lower secondary schools of the "R. Galbusera", "A.B.Sabin" and "A.Schweitzer" Comprehensive Institutes. They have carried out projects aimed at lower and better energy consumption.

The projects, evaluated by a technical jury made up of representatives of the Municipality of Segrate, ENGIE Italia and Momotarò (a company specializing in the implementation of edutainment projects, which took care of the project for us), will be on stage until June 7th at the Gallery Civic of Segrate.

Among the projects carried out by the boys: an eco-friendly rap song, an e-book, the ECOCITY board game, the ECOCITY treasure hunt, the sand filter, the Pop-up book.


Aimed by our ambition to be a leader in the transition to zero CO2 emissions and with the desire to inform and raise awareness of this issue in order to stimulate action, we have also involved the young people of Segrate in a new challenge this year: working on the concept of "LESS AND BETTER", demonstrating how the energy we do not consume is the most virtuous one.

The youngsters participated with enthusiasm and responded with different, alternative projects, full of vision and innovation: from videos and videos to the creation of pop-up books, through rap songs, to the design of systems to limit waste and board games.

Only starting from one's own energy habits can one hope to change something. Reducing consumption means reducing the ecological footprint, waste, reducing the use of polluting fossil fuels and the CO2 emitted to move and produce.


«We greatly appreciated the proposal of ENGIE to make the students reflect on the subject of energy waste, and therefore of correct consumption and the essential attention to the environment.
Thinking about the absurdity of the plastic packaging of many foods: what is the energy and environmental cost? It is important to understand how spending is now a complex and delicate act because each one, with their own choices, can contribute to reducing the energy used.
The whole world we live in is energy, but we are also energy: the only one worth spending all the way to improve the planet». 

Gianluca Poldi, Councilor for the School of the Municipality of Segrate.


«We would like to thank the Municipality of Segrate for making this new edition of our project possible but above all we must thank the children for having created projects that place the common good at the center. At ENGIE we are committed to reducing consumptions, emissions and helping businesses, cities and communities to do the same.
It is therefore important to act concretely but also to raise awareness. We have the desire to educate, inform, stimulate action and the project carried out with the children goes exactly in this direction».

Daniele Bellotto, North West Area Director of ENGIE Italy


For the value of the works carried out by the classes, we donated them a graphics tablet to continue creating new projects and a very useful portable solar panel to be used in class or during trips, to load - in an ecological way and without waste - tablet, smartphone or pc. We have also contributed to the purchases of the material for the execution of the works.

In Segrate we have been a partner of the Municipality since 2012 with an energy efficiency project involving around 40 municipal buildings, including schools, libraries and offices, contributing to the reduction of over 25% in energy expenditure with a consequent cut in atmospheric emissions of over 350 tons of CO2 each year.

In Italy we are engaged with over 300 municipalities in efficiency and sustainability projects and to date we have improved 10,000 buildings.