Sustainable energy for everyone.


ENGIE is committed to ensuring access to energy for everyone and the fight against energy precariousness. The Group has developed innovative models to implement energy projects in favour of disadvantaged populations.

Another cornerstone of ENGIE Italia: environmental responsibility is related to social responsibility. ENGIE has supported many voluntary associations over the years, promoting local and national social events.

An example of an organization set up by the ENGIE employees in Italy is the NGO Energy Assistance Italia. The association was created by volunteers, employees and pensioners of ENGIE Italia and its aim is to implement projects ensuring access to essential energy services for disadvantaged populations.

The Association was set up in Italy in September 2011, following the path already undertaken in Belgium in 2001, with the creation of Energy Assistance Belgium, and in France with the creation of Energy Assistance France in 2005.

Like the other Energy Assistance associations, Energy Assistance Italia has the objective of implementing humanitarian energy-related projects in fields associated with health, education and economic development.

The projects already implemented by Energy Assistance Italia include:

  • A photovoltaic system for the Hospital of Nkubu situated in the Province of Meru, Kenya, with a view to ensuring a continuous supply of electricity to the operating theatre and the main diagnostic instruments of the hospital, thus reducing the number of the frequent blackouts and overvoltages. The system installed helps to improve the healthcare conditions of the population of the town of Nkubu and, in particular, of 400 children staying at the neighbouring “San Francesco” village. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Italian Association “Amici di San Francesco”, which operates locally, in the “San Francesco” village, offering hospitality and training to orphans or abandoned children that live on the road.
  • A 9kW photovoltaic system at the “Don Bosco” boarding school, in the district of Unewa, a complex of buildings, including classrooms, dormitories and a canteen, which houses 400 children, including orphans, from 7 to 14 years with the support of the “Pangea” NGO of Vicenza present on the site. An earthing system, including batteries and inverters powered by photovoltaic panels, all purchased by EAI, was also installed. This will guarantee a constant supply of energy for the entire school complex 24 hours a day, in a region that has still not been electrified.

The NGO Energy Assistance Italia carries out a full range of activities in the energy sector: from the study, design and installation of energy systems to the supply of the related materials, committing itself also to training and the transfer of skills to the local beneficiaries, so as to create activities that will last in time.


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