Energy for Segrate

Segrate, 31st May 2018

The fourth edition of the "An energy for change" competition that we promoted with the patronage of the municipality of Segrate, of which we are partners since 2012, was concluded today.

Young people represent an indispensable resource and for this reason we are happy to have the participation of over 200 students from local secondary schools to this competition.


The focus of this year's competition was "Energy & Travel" and the students were called to carry out projects in which the themes of energy and energy efficiency were declined to support the themes related to travel and energy In this edition, the young people enthusiastically took part in our challenge and created visionary and innovative projects thanks to their free and unconditional point of view.

"It is rare to see young people so enthusiastic and prepared on not so simple but crucial issues like these. Congratulations to the students, teachers and principals who have believed in this project, presenting innovative, creative and high quality scientific works. Together with Mayor Paolo Micheli, I applaud the team spirit of our youngsters, which bodes well for the future community of Segrate. It is an honor to have been selected by ENGIE, among the very few Italian municipalities for this initiative".

Gianluca Poldi, Councilor for Culture and the School of the Municipality of Segrate.


"We would like to thank the municipality of Segrate again this year, with whom we have been collaborating for several years managing the energy service for the buildings of the Municipal Administration, for having supported us in this ambitious project dedicated to local students. We are really enthusiastic about the results achieved this year that confirm that these new generations, very often criticized, in fact, if justified, they can really represent a real driving force for change".

Daniele Bellotto, North-West Area Director of ENGIE Italia.



The projects carried out have been evaluated by a technical jury made up of representatives of the Municipality of Segrate, ENGIE Italy and of the Momotaro Agency specialized in the realization of edutainment projects.

Winners of the fourth edition of the "Energy for change" contest

Class II D of the Istituto Comprensivo of Galbusera

Project: "The journey of energy in the global market".

Concept: the students have retraced the "journey" of the 5 most consumed fruits in Italy, researching their origin and associating the consumption of energy from their cultivation until the arrival on our tables. The journey was then represented through the realization of a model where all the elements involved in the various phases (fruit trees, fuel and means of transport) were reproduced. The more important the element is, the more important is the expenditure of energy that concerns it.

Prize: a portable and foldable solar panel for charging tablets, notebooks, laptops and smartphones in the classroom.


Second classified

Class II A of the Istituto Comprensivo of Galbusera

Project: "Recycling on the road".

Concept: the boys have recreated a journey in time of a trash bag to tell the evolution of the ways of recycling waste.

Prize: the class wins an action camera to shoot on the move.


Third classified

 Class III D of the Istituto Comprensivo Schweitzer 

Project: "The journey of the Atom Emeno".

Concept: the project realized tells the journey of energy at the atomic level.

Prize: the class wins 3D microscope adaptable to smartphones and tablets