A change of paradigm

The world is observing and facing a real revolution in the transport sector, not only technological, but above all, cultural.

Every day, new products and services of electric mobility are launched on the market that push users to change their driving habits, aligning them with what will be the future of mobility.

As an energy and services player, ENGIE Italia sees the development of electric mobility as one of the main drivers for the fight against climate change.

Thanks to diversified skills and consolidated expertise, ENGIE is able to offer a wide range of solutions related to electric mobility, able to facilitate and support the user, through:

  • an accurate analysis of mobility needs, habits and methods of movement;
  • identification of the most suitable electric mobility scenario;
  • personalization based on specific needs.


We bring to the market a unique, all-inclusive offer of products and services, personalized and turnkey, designed and built primarily to make the company's fleets green.
In addition to the vehicle - offered in partnership with market leaders - we design, install and manage the charging points, supplying them with 100% certified green energy, complete and personalized reporting and a qualified and dedicated service center.
We guarantee the management of all aspects related to mobility, with a single fee and without initial investment.