Digital offers

Innovation and Digitization represent key success factors for ENGIE and form an integral part of the solutions offered: solutions that look towards the future. To digitize Energy is part of ENGIE’s mission. 

Through the Internet of Things, an increasingly large volume of data can be collected, analysed and used to comprehend the various models of consumption, predict future savings and offer increasingly efficient energy management solutions.

Innovation and Digitization at ENGIE Italia take the form of new tools that enrich the offer:

E-Blue: a platform that, on the basis of the real-time energy consumption data, is used to view, analyse and model energy consumption so as to improve the operational management, efficiency and maximize the energy savings.

ENGIE-Smart: a device that, through an accurate analysis of consumption, provides a global image of the electricity consumption of a building and identifies the most effective measures for reducing consumption, saving money and maintaining environmental comfort.

ENGIE monitoring: an on-line platform that provides an analysis of the consumption of all energy vectors, aimed at their optimization and capable of calculating the key performance indicators (KPI) to compare homogeneous sites, ensure a global vision of energy spending and identify sources of savings.

ENGIE for the territory: a platform that, by integrating existing data on energy consumption and three-dimensional air surveys, provides public authorities with a global view of their area, identifying areas where energy spending can be reduced. A concrete tool for governing geographical areas.

ENGIE €co: a dashboard (or report) that enables public authorities to notify their users of the results of the investments made, by showing the savings made in euros, TOE or lower consumption of KWh, without overlooking the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.