How sustainable are you?

Calculate your CO2 emissions

July 22th 2019

Promoting sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions and safeguarding the environment has always been one of our most important goals.

Having the opportunity to measure the impact that our daily actions have on the environment is fundamental to understanding what everyone can do to be more virtuous in their consumption and therefore towards the environment and take action.
From today it will be possible to do it thanks to our tool that allows to calculate the carbon footprint*.

The carbon footprint is a parameter that is used to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product, a service, an organization, an event or an individual, generally expressed in tons of CO2 equivalent.

Calculating how much we weigh on the environment with our daily behaviors is very simple.

The calculator is based on 24 short questions on Home, Mobility and Lifestyle: the size of our apartment, the number of people sharing the same house, our air conditioning or heating systems, the electrical devices used, the use of the car , of the bike, the amount of flights we take, what kind of food we consume and how we approach recycling.
All fundamental information to understand how our carbon footprint affects the environment.

According to national data published by ISPRA the national average of CO2 emissions is about 7.05 tons per capite, which must be drastically reduced. The test questions take into account our full life.
And from there you can take many ideas to better respect the environment.

Because the most virtuous energy is the one we do not consume.



*The Carbon footprint calculator was developed by ENGIE Italia based on official data from the following sources: ISPRA: Italian Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2016 - National Inventory Report 2018; ISPRA the database of average emission factors for the vehicle fleet in Italy; UIC Ecopassengers, ICAO carbon emissions calculator