Gas supply
and trading

Balancing and optimizing the positions and risks of the market involved in the generation and sale activities, in line with the group’s policies.

This is the ENGIE’s Energy Management activity, within the scope of the production of electricity and supply of gas and electricity to the sales company at competitive prices.


Global Energy Management

Global Energy Management (GEM) is a team of professionals whose objective is to ensure ENGIE’s customers a competitive supply in the gas and electricity sectors and to optimize the portfolio of the Group’s assets. GEM contributes to this optimization through trading operations (VTP and SNP) and offers services for managing the risks related to the prices of energy, to support the Group’s trading activities.



The main objective is to maximize the value of ENGIE’s assets in Italy on the markets, by exploiting its strength as the leading operator on the continental market and maintaining reactivity and the “pulse of the market” of a local operator. This strong know-how of GEM in energy trading enables ENGIE to develop its sales activities and offer the Italian market new solutions.

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