Anemotech, the material that captures pollution

Rome, 19 january 2018

ENGIE, leader of the energy transition, and Anemotech, innovative startup in the field of technologies applied to the environment, signed a partnership to improve air quality by reducing atmospheric pollution generated mainly by road traffic, boilers and industrial emissions.

The agreement makes it possible to integrate the multi-layer "The Breath" material developed by Anemotech into the ENGIE range, which absorb, retain and disintegrate, both in closed and open spaces, the polluting molecules that have a negative impact on our health.

According to Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia:

"We are constantly affected by repeated alarms on the bad quality of the air in our cities.The 'the Breath' solution, which we are integrating into our services, is a contribution to a better quality of the air we breathe every day.
At ENGIE we are committed to the challenge of climate change and base our offers on innovation, the study and introduction of new technologies, as we believe that innovation represents a great driving force not only for development, but above all for the protection of our planet".

For Gianluca Barabino, CEO of Anemotech:

"We are proud to start a partnership with ENGIE, a company that stands out for its sensitivity to the environment. This synergy will allow us to make our technology better known to public and private companies, contributing to the health of people in the workplace. It is also a further recognition of the innovation created: after all, our panels have already received the President of the Republic's 'Sustainable Development Award 2016' and have been applied to numerous public and private offices".


New Technology

The success of this technology is also due to the effectiveness of the device: it is shown, in fact, that 10 square meters of "the Breath" material is able to absorb the annual quantity of NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) emitted by 1,450 diesel cars; VOC (volatile organic compounds) from 3,625 cars to petrol and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) generated by 15 boilers.

This innovative material does not require any connection to any fossil or electrical power supply for its operation: it exploits the natural movement of air, absorbs pollutants and restores cleaner air. Thin powders, particulates, chlorofluorocarbons, benzene, formaldehyde (furniture, carpets and synthetic tiles), aromatic hydrocarbons (cigarette smoke, printer rooms), nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, polluting ozone are therefore eliminated.


Innovation for buildings

"The Breath" fights the "sick building syndrome" (SBS - Sick Building Syndrome) caused by the "Volatile Organic Compounds - VOC" present in all solvents, paints and civil coatings.
ENGIE will offer "the Breath" to public administrations, businesses, businesses, hospitals, public transport, and to all other companies interested in improving their environment.
This particular product integrates and enriches the offer of facility management services and, specifically, the technological solutions designed to improve corporate welfare, dedicated to people and their well-being.