ENGIE will manage the public lighting of Fasano

Fasano, December 12th, 2017

ENGIE and the Municipality of Fasano have signed a 9-year agreement for the renewal and efficiency of the public lighting network.

  • The project includes:
  • The replacement of about 6,000 appliances that do not comply with the pollution legislation;
  • The installation of a system for the provision of SMART CITY services;
  • The replacement of old electrical panels and old-generation lamps with those of new LED technology;
  • The reconstruction of almost 5km of obsolete power lines;
  • The redevelopment of over 100 traffic lights;
  • The installation of 450 new light points.
  • This project will allow the Municipality of Fasano an annual savings of 4,257,203 kWh, equal to 75.24% compared to current consumption.

In Apulia, ENGIE includes numerous companies that have undertaken, like the Municipality of Fasano, virtuous projects of energy efficiency, including: the Municipality of Bari, the Municipality of Manfredonia, the Municipality of Modugno, the Municipality of Cerignola.