15 years of district heating network in Saluzzo

Saluzzo, November 3th 2020

ENGIE Italia, together with the Municipality of Saluzzo (CN) is celebrating 15 years since the start of district heating. Like other major cities including Milan, Turin and Brescia, Saluzzo has also chosen district heating as a concrete step towards a "Carbon Neutral" city.

In 15 years ENGIE, in close collaboration with the Municipal Administration, has been committed to expanding the district heating service, in parallel with a continuous technological renewal of its plants, with the view of improving air quality in the city. The design and development of the district heating network, thanks to an important investment plan, has made it possible to achieve a high coverage rate of the service today.

Saluzzo District Heating in Numbers

  • 30% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional heating;
  • heating provided to 12,400 inhabitants: 70% of the city population served by district heating;
  • 164 municipal buildings connected to the network, including some of the city's landmarks such as the Town Hall, schools, the Civil Hospital, the "Tapparelli" Rest Home, the Court, the Cinema Italia, the Carabinieri and Fire Brigade headquarters and the Cassa di Risparmio di Saluzzo.


In the last year ENGIE has invested 2 million euros in district heating to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality in Saluzzo.
Thanks to these interventions, the saving of CO2 emissions in the environment has increased by a further 60%.


«In recent years the alarms about global warming are increasingly present in the media also thanks to emblematic figures such as the young Greta. This is a good thing. And it is also good that public and private entities are implementing policies and concrete actions on energy saving and efficiency of heating systems. We have been working in Saluzzo for over 15 years and have always believed in it. The challenge to reduce emissions in the city has started with district heating and continues by expanding the network even more and planning interventions on buildings. The last one, in order of time, to be transformed is the new library building, in the former "Musso" barracks, which is zero consumption, not forgetting all the construction sites to increase efficiency in schools, kindergartens and wherever it has been possible. Everyone has to do their part and we believe that the Municipality of Saluzzo, together with important partners such as "ENGIE Italia", is doing and will continue to do its part to deliver to future generations a cleaner world, with fewer emissions, less waste and inequality».

Mauro Calderoni, mayor of Saluzzo


«Together to Reduce CO2 summarizes the relationship between ENGIE and the Municipality of Saluzzo, which has trusted us for 15 years now. With our investment plan, in recent years, we have achieved concrete benefits for the environment and air quality in Saluzzo, reducing over 4,800 tons of CO2 emissions per year. A result comparable to the planting of a forest of 1,700 hectares. District heating is one of the fundamental vectors for the green transition and environmental sustainability of the cities».

Matthieu Bonvoisin, Director of the  District Heating & Power Business line at ENGIE Italia


ENGIE in Italy is located next to 300 municipalities, including Saluzzo, and has made 10,000 buildings, including 3,500 schools and 21 universities, more efficient, reducing their ecological footprint. In the district heating sector, ENGIE is a leader with over 320 active networks worldwide. In Italy, it is the third market operator, with the management of 12 networks, half of which in Piedmont, avoiding the release of 78,000 tons of CO2 into the environment every year, equal to the planting of 27,000 hectares of forest.